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Single Family Home


2,503 Sq Ft.  •  5 Beds  •  3 Baths

495 Divi Dr.
San Francisco, CA 39244

Single Family Home


1,654 Sq Ft.  •  2 Beds  •  2 Baths

564 Elegant Ave.
San Francisco, CA 39244

Single Family Home


2,938 Sq Ft.  •  5 Beds  •  4 Baths

6578 Monarch St.
San Jose, CA 28344

Office Space


5,452 Sq Ft.  •  3 Spaces

123 Extra Ct.
San Francisco, CA 39222



1,854 Sq Ft.  •  2 Beds  •  1 Baths

8965 Bloom Blvd. #604
Berkeley, CA 91882



650 Sq Ft.  •  1 Beds  •  1 Baths

3542 Blue Sky Dr. #301
San Francisco, CA 39841

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Abrasive sandblasting is one of the most common types of process which allows you to smoothen out or polish a rough surface. With the help of machinery and metal parts, it is very easy to help the parts and the surface and get the rust and corrosion out of the parts. Abrasive blasting is one of the quick and efficient solutions which can help you get the best optimum results. Abrasive sandblasting is one of the ways which can make sure that you have the right material which can smooth and remove impurities. Here are some commonly used ways which can help get different results.

Silica Sand or Silicon Dioxide

Silicon Dioxide refers to ordinary sand which is also known as quartz or silica, which is one of the most common ways of removing the impurities from the surface. This is one of the most commonly used ways to get rid of the rough edges or sharp corners. This used to be a popular one due to its efficiency but is also one of the most dangerous as it is known to cause many respiratory diseases. Although there have been many places where people who still perform, services like Sandblasting Miami can help you with these services while ensuring safety.


Soda sandblasting is one which requires you to have bicarbonate of soda which is one of the most abrasive ways to remove the metals scraps from the surface. This is one of the worst ways to cause damage rather than metal beneath that is on the rough surface. Soda is one of the greatest grit which can easily destroy any tougher abrasive.

Steel Grit

Steel Grit is one of the most abrasive ways to get rid of the paint which can get rid of the rust from the steel metals. This is one of the ways the walls can steel leaves at a very smooth finish. Steel grit is one of the fastest cutting materials in nature, which can get the right results fast.

Glass Bead

If you are looking for a matte or a satin finish, you can make sure that you have the right kind of grit which has some of the finest materials that can help you polish the objects better than any other sandblasting materials. This is a very abrasive kind of blasting which is often used on the cabinets.

Bristle Blasting

This is another most abrasive type of blasting which has no separate medium which can be used for the steel wire bristles which rotates on the surface. There is a lot of action which takes place when it comes to impurities which can help give them the right kind of removing the rust from the metal surface or from any kind of corrosion.


According to a recent survey, burglary is one of the most common types of crime which occurs in broad daylight. This is where most people are at their work, school or running errands. There are many ways one can make sure to keep your house away from these people. In this article, we will discuss the tips which can keep your house safe.

Look for the house’s weakness

This is one of the best ways to ensure that your home is protected from the outside. There are windows which can be easily opened which can be one of the entry points for a burglar. Look for the view inside the house and make sure that you have everything fixed before any unexpected visitor targets your house.

Build a fence

Installing a fence can be an excellent way to keep the unwanted visitors off your property. This is one ideal way to keep everything secure. Also having solid fence can be easier to climb, an added benefit of sharp-pointed tops can give you the right safe for you home.

Keep expensive items in the garage

This might be a little annoying, but if you want your house to be safe, it is better that you park your valuable items like cars and grill inside the garage. This is because these burglars do not even have to break inside your house to take them.

Use bars on garage and basement windows

These are a few places where there is no need to let the sunlight shine for long. The places include the garage and the basement. This is a gateway which can give the burglars the access to the building and hinder your privacy. Try to make sure that you have bars on all the windows to keep you safer, which is one of the best way for burglar proofing your home.

Keep fences, gates and garage locked

Try to invest in a quality padlock to keep your outside entrance safe at night. The friends and family can call you before their arrival, but burglars do not. It is a better idea that you leave everything locked at all times, which can be the best way to keep burglars out.

Change the locks when moving to a new place

If you are moving to a new home, it is better that you change the locks to keep yourself and your family safe. There are chances that the old tenant may have given the copies of the key to your friends or relative and might have not informed them of moving. this can lead to a stranger walking inside your house. This can be a very awkward situation for both parties and this can be easily avoided by replacing the locks.

Types of Real Estates and Agents

Real estate includes the ownership of a land, building, the area above the land or called the air rights, the land below the building called the underground rights, and any other property. When you start trading in the terms of real estate, you are called real estate investors. The term from real estate, ‘real’ is the literal, physical property that a person own and is included in his assets. You can easily bifurcate in types of real estates:

Residential Real Estate: This type of real estate included all the residential properties like the duplexes, townhouse, vacation house, triple-deckers, high-value homes, quadplexes, and all those which lies in the category of the single-family houses.

Commercial Real Estate: This type includes all the commercial properties like malls, shopping complexes, a whole society with different apartments, educational buildings, hospitals and medical buildings, offices, hotels, resorts, etc. Apartments are included in this category as even though used as a residential property these are built for the income purposes and sold to different individuals.

Industrial Real Estate: When the buildings, lands, or warehouses are used for the production, research, storage place, distribution of goods or for any of such usage. Sometimes, when the real estate is used as a distribution of goods, the place might be considered as a commercial estate too and hence there is a fine line between these two types.

Land: When the lands are available without any construction plan for recent future and the lands are used as working farms, and ranches. The vacant land can be sub-categorized into early development of reuse, site assembly, undeveloped.

Real estate is the business in the format of properties, lands, buildings and more. When people earn profit on selling the properties and starts investing in them as a professional it also effects the nation’s economy. When the pricings of the market face changes, it is the real estate investors who are affected the most in both, the negative as well as the positive phase. Real Estate Exam Ninja has researched and recorded the highest earnings of real estate agents in different countries, which explains why it is a highly profitable business.

The real estate agents are the people who have a great knowledge regarding the properties and lands. His experience become very useful for the people who wants to invest in the real estate or wishes to enter in the market. He is the best person to assist you with the homes you wish to own, business required lands or the industry required property. The agents can also be specified as per your requirement. The two types are the Seller’s agent and Buyer’s agents who takes care of two different domains. Seller’s agents can find you the best and potential buyers best suited for your demands and the buyer’s agent are capable of finding you the best and potential sellers committing to your requirements.

How to Make Your Home More Like Palace

Whether you have a two bedroom apartment or a studio apartment, it doesn’t take all that much to make your home look royal. In this article, we’ll go through a few tips that will help you make your house look exquisite and regal.

1.     Front door

To make your front door more accessible, install locks that that make it mandatory to require a key to properly secure it. Doing so would make it extremely difficult to get locked out even by accident. There are plenty of locks available that has a small toggle button.

Although this may set the door from locked to unlocked, you’ll still require a key in order to lock the door. Hence, you’ll have the door unlocked from the inside all the time unless you use a key to lock the door.


2.     A good quality pillow

There is a huge difference that a good pillow can bring to your sleep. It won’t even matter if you have a low quality mattress, you’ll get the luxury sleep you have always dreamed of. Make sure to purchase a good pillow.

When you are looking for bedsheets, it is alright if you do not have the budget to buy the costly ones, but it is of utmost importance that you get a high-quality pillowcase. A high-quality pillowcase wouldn’t be very expensive. Different people would consider different fabric as comfortable, and therefore, it is all up to you when it comes to choosing a type.

3.     Champagne

Always have a bottle of champagne at bay so that you’ll be ready to celebrate whenever something big happens. All you need is an occasion, doesn’t matter what kind. Although you might not have the budget to get an expensive bottle, you can always get a cheaper one.

When the moment comes, grab a glass and pour yourself a healthy glass of bubbly. You’ve earned it.

4.     Candles

Having candles around is perfect, especially if you live with your significant other or if you’re married. You’ll always have something to change the mood. The bedroom is a great place to have candles as you’ll be able to set the tone for an evening filled with romance.

But it is crucial that you be careful and not burn the house down, particularly while placing the candle on a desk or side table. If used correctly, the places that you overlooked while dusting will be forgiven. The candles needn’t be expensive as most of the less expensive ones offer the same vibe as their more expensive ones.

Tips for Finding Incredible Real Estate Deals

Are you planning to hold property as a rental, flip a house or use it for something else, everything starts off when you hit the jackpot real estate deal. Some tips you can use to conquer the real estate space are as follows:

  1. Obtain first-mover advantage

Often, in the real estate business it’s not the highest offer but the first offer that hold a higher value. Thereby, f you are looking for a great deal, grab the opportunity as and when you come by it. Consider getting a  pre-approval from your bank to quicken the process. Arrange for your real estate agent to help set up automatic email alerts that’ll notify you all the latest properties and great deals.

  1. The direct approach

One of the top strategies applied by investors in the real estate sector these days is to pick from outside the multiple listing services by approaching the owners directly and persuading them to sell the property. Absentee Owners are a goldmine target. They may be landlords or owners who inherited their houses and are just unsure what to do with them.


  1. Consider a bank-foreclosed property

Failure to make a mortgage payment for an extended period means that the lender will eventually take over the house and vacate the occupants. The lender then generally puts the home for sale on the market, using a local real estate to list it.Banks are not keen on managing the acquired property, as their interest lies in obtaining their return on investment. As a result, banks usually offer massive discounts just so that they can sell the same.

  1. Deal hunting your way out

One way to strategize the hunt for the perfect deal is to characterize deals as a funnel. The funnel consists of the following:

  • Raw leads from my real estate agent
  • The location is somewhere I would buy
  • A quick analysis shows promise
  • A more in-depth study still indicates promise
  • Deals I’ve made an offer on
  • Offers I’ve made that have been accepted

These parameters will be assigned according to interest or feasibility.


  1. Last but not the least

Sellers finding it challenging to get rid of their house and move into a new phase in their life is most likely highly inclined to lower the price range and accept a lower offer than the ones they had previously entertained. The prices are also much lower than those approved by the owners of new properties. Enquire with your real estate agent and obtain the list of all the properties that meet the criteria mentioned above of a property that has been listed for over six months. Following this, you are required to start making offers for purchase.

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