Real estate includes the ownership of a land, building, the area above the land or called the air rights, the land below the building called the underground rights, and any other property. When you start trading in the terms of real estate, you are called real estate investors. The term from real estate, ‘real’ is the literal, physical property that a person own and is included in his assets. You can easily bifurcate in types of real estates:

Residential Real Estate: This type of real estate included all the residential properties like the duplexes, townhouse, vacation house, triple-deckers, high-value homes, quadplexes, and all those which lies in the category of the single-family houses.

Commercial Real Estate: This type includes all the commercial properties like malls, shopping complexes, a whole society with different apartments, educational buildings, hospitals and medical buildings, offices, hotels, resorts, etc. Apartments are included in this category as even though used as a residential property these are built for the income purposes and sold to different individuals.

Industrial Real Estate: When the buildings, lands, or warehouses are used for the production, research, storage place, distribution of goods or for any of such usage. Sometimes, when the real estate is used as a distribution of goods, the place might be considered as a commercial estate too and hence there is a fine line between these two types.

Land: When the lands are available without any construction plan for recent future and the lands are used as working farms, and ranches. The vacant land can be sub-categorized into early development of reuse, site assembly, undeveloped.

Real estate is the business in the format of properties, lands, buildings and more. When people earn profit on selling the properties and starts investing in them as a professional it also effects the nation’s economy. When the pricings of the market face changes, it is the real estate investors who are affected the most in both, the negative as well as the positive phase. Real Estate Exam Ninja has researched and recorded the highest earnings of real estate agents in different countries, which explains why it is a highly profitable business.

The real estate agents are the people who have a great knowledge regarding the properties and lands. His experience become very useful for the people who wants to invest in the real estate or wishes to enter in the market. He is the best person to assist you with the homes you wish to own, business required lands or the industry required property. The agents can also be specified as per your requirement. The two types are the Seller’s agent and Buyer’s agents who takes care of two different domains. Seller’s agents can find you the best and potential buyers best suited for your demands and the buyer’s agent are capable of finding you the best and potential sellers committing to your requirements.